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Future Leaders

In each issue of DyNAMC, we introduce our readers to some of the world’s future leaders. We strongly believe it is critical to develop leadership skills in our young people.

We must ask ourselves, “Who will take over and lead when I’m gone?”

Every issue of DyNAMC features students conducting an interview with our cover subject. We do this for several reasons. We want to give our youth the ability to develop interviewing skills, explore career interests, build self-esteem and self-awareness, and most importantly, we want them to become empowered.

Students gain as much knowledge about the cover subject during their interview experience as they do about themselves. We hope the opportunity makes them ask themselves how they wish to see their own career and life path unfold.

As leaders, we need to take the time to listen and connect with our youth. We can show them, by example, the importance of serving as a role model or mentor.


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