DyNAMC Diversity Magazine | Where Are They Now?
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Where Are They Now?

DyNAMC Future Leaders Where Are They Now?

In each issue of DyNAMC, we introduce our readers to some of America’s future leaders.

Millennials are a staple of DyNAMC Magazine and they write columns and have the opportunity to interview feature subjects.

We must ask ourselves, “Who will take over and lead when I’m gone?” As leaders, we need to take the time to listen and connect with our youth. We can show them, by example, the importance of serving as a role model or mentor. We stay connected to our DyNAMC Future Leaders, so please enjoy our “Where Are They Now” updates so you can too!

2014 NAMCO National Leadership Diversity Summit Youth Generation “Y” Millennials Roundtable Intro

Newly Elected Assemblyman William McCurdy II

Assemblyman representing Nevada’s 6th District |UNLV Student

William McCurdy II, is a native of Las Vegas, Nevada, particularly, West Las Vegas Heights. He served as President of the Associated Students of the College of Southern Nevada Student Government (ASCSN). He aspires to one day gain recognition as a leader in both local and global communities, doing his part to serve the world as effectively as possible.

William’s college journey has been nontraditional and he has served as both a youth mentor and football coach. William is a testament to the positive outcome that can be realized with the support and guidance of strong community leadership. Ultimately, doing his part in the community through various entrepreneurial ventures and contributing to the U.S. economy gives him hope in becoming a leader and an inspiration for future leaders, generations to come.

William was a Millennial Generation “Y” Roundtable Panelists at NAMCO”s 2014 National Leadership Diversity Summit

2014 NAMCO National Leadership Diversity Summit Generation Y Youth Roundtable Highlights featuring William McCurdy II

William McCurdy II 2014 NAMCO National Leadership Diversity Summit Generation Y Youth Roundtable

Assemblymember Steven Bradford speaks with DyNAMC America’s Future Leaders at the 2014 National Leadership Diversity Summit featuring William McCurdy II