DyNAMC Diversity Magazine | Future Leaders Roundtables
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Future Leaders Roundtables

DyNAMC’s Future Leaders Roundtable Discussion

Our round table participants are always selected for the qualities, professionalism, and drive we feel makes them DyNAMC Leaders for a Changing World.

DyNAMC features a series of round table discussions on a broad range of topics from a variety of leaders both seasoned and up and coming – like our DyNAMC Future Leaders across the country. The objective of the discussions is to provide viable solutions to issues that impact diversity.

Millenials Speak on Politics Roundtable Discussion “Politics” Issue Febraury 2016

2016 NAMCO Summit Millennial Roundtable Highlights

2014 NAMCO National Leadership Diversity Summit Generation Y Youth Roundtable Highlights